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Hello. I'm Tony. What's your name?
I'm a... (jobs)
How are you?
Are you...? Yes, I am. (Short  answers)
Are you...? No,  I'm not. (Short answers)
Email reply. (Long answers)
What's... (your telephone number?)
How do you spell...?
Verbs 1
She's a doctor. She's Hungarian.
Is she ? (Questions + Short / long answers)
She is (or) she's... (email)
Are you French? (Countries + Nationalities)
This is Henry.
Numbers 1.
Who's... ?
Is this your car? My/your/his/her.
My company is... (adjectives)
My company has got... (possessive adjectives, our, your, their)
Verbs 2
1 book/ 2 books(Plurals, regular)
1 person/2 people. (Plurals, irregular)
What are these? (This/that/these those)
Where is? (in, next to, under, on...)
Where is Paris? (in the south/north of.)
I work in... I go... (Simple present - regular + by)
On Monday... (Prepositions of time; at, in, on)
Verbs 3
He likes his job...
What's he like? (describing people)
I don't like English weather! (Present/negatives + you + they)
He/she doesn't... (present - negatives/he/she)
Take... Move... (Instructions + imperatives)
What's the time?
Dates. (The 2nd of March)
Do you? (Yes/No. Some / any)
Does he/she... ? (Yes/No.)
What do you do? (do)
What does he/she do?? (does)
How do you spend the weekend? (Talk about likes and dislikes)
How often do you?
Routines and customs across the world. (Present simple review)
There is /are... (some /any review)
Verbs 4
Numbers 2
Some (positive answers)
Whose laptop is this?
Let's go! (Inviting/refusing) How about..;?
It's big, small, massive... (describing objects)
I like ...ing/ I don't like ...ing
Do you like listening to opera? (Short/long answers)
I sometimes/never/always... (adverbs of frequency)
Verbs 5
I'm meeting John. (present continuous)
Food! (Present continuous, he /she)
He isn't sitting in his office!
Would you like to... ? How about... ? (Invitations)
Where's your favourite restaurant? (Directions)
I can speak Spanish (Can/ability)
Can I have...? (Pubs, restaurants/ asking.)
Verbs 6
How much is it?
How many employees are there in your shop? (Much /many)
Yesterday, I was in Frankfurt.
Where were you in 1982? (Positive/negative)
Had/didn't have.
We worked, walked. (Past simple /regular)
Napoleon didn't work in London! (Past simple/regular/negatives)
Did you? (Past simple/questions/Short /Long)
Numbers 3
We went to Beijing. (Past simple/Irregulars)
When did you go?
Could (ability)
Verbs 7
I'm going to... (resolutions for the new year!)
Myself, yourself, himself (Reflexive pronouns)
You should see a doctor! (Give advice)
Is New York bigger than Paris? (Comparatives - Short adjectives)
Is running more /less tiring than judo? (Comparatives - Long adjectives)
Last year wasn't as successful as the year before; (as... as)
Needn't (Not necessary)
Can (Permission/allowed to do)
Should/Shouldn't (advice)
Can't (prohibition)
must  (strong advice/Obligation.)
You mustn't touch that! (Mustn't - Prohibition. Safety rules.)
Verbs 8
Have you ever been to New York?  (experiences - present perfect)
I've just spent 1 million! (Recent events - present perfect)
I've worked in my company since 1998. (For / since / still. Actions beginning in past and continuing in present)
Have you done your homework yet? (expected actions)
She's got married! (Present result of past action- present perfect)
He is the laziest man I have ever known! (Superlatives -est, most)
He drives quickly (adverbs)
He paints well (adverbs 2)
Verbs 9
Before/after (Describing events)
During/for (Describing events2)
If I am late, I catch the next train. (Conditional 0 + when)
In case (conditional 0 )
I'll go by boat. (Will/decisions)
It will rain tomorrow. (predictions)
Tea is grown in China. (Active/passive.)
He said it was genuine! (Reported speech)
Verbs 10
I stayed in a lovely, large, green, Spanish, brick, back-packers hotel!  (Adjective order)
USA vs UK (vocabulary differences)
What's that? (describing things/functions)
What's that? (who, that, where - relative clauses)
Asking for permission... (Can, could, may, would you mind, is it alright/OK if...?)
Offering... (Shall I,)
Present simple (Commentary/story in the past)
I was walking down the street when... (Past continuous - reporting accidents: interrupted actions)
Will - Offers, predictions invitations)
While/when/as. (past continous 2)
Drawing conclusions (must/can't/might)
Dealing with problems 1 (Too many/toomuch)
Dealing with problems 2 (Too few/too little)
Deaing with problems 3 (not enough, fewer, less, more)
May/might (possibility)
Verbs 11
If it rains, we'll stay at home (Conditional 1)
If (promises)
If (warnings)
If (threats)
Used to
Verbs 12
Adjectives (Interesting vs interested)
Feelings (happy, sad, disappointed, angry...)
Would (Imagining...)
If I won a million, I would buy a chateau in France. (Conditional 2)
Sequences...(As, when, whilst, while, until, just as, as soon as...)
Verbs 13
I've been waiting for three hours!
I've been working... vs I've worked...?
Must (weak advice)
Describing impressions (Sound/look)
Can/able to
Manage to
Adjectives (emphasis)
Giving opinions (Introduction phrases)
Reported speech (questions)
Verbs 14
articles (a/the/zero)
Giving special advice (Make sure, don't forget...)
Must/have to
Must/had to/weren't allowed to (Past)
Passive (Processes)
Needs ...ing / needs to be done.
Obligation/prohibition (make/not let)
Have somebody do something (Causative)
In order to / so that (clauses of purpose)
Giving advice (If I were you...)
Giving advice (By ...ing)
Giving advice (If)
Verbs 15
I had done (past perfect)
I had been doing (past perfect continuous)
If I had met Mozart, I would have... (Conditional 3- hyperthetical situations + results)
Regrets/wishes (I wish/if only - Conditional 3)
Before/after ...ing
Position (half way between)
Remember ...ing
As long as/provided that/unless/even if/otherwise.
Future perfect
Future continuous (Particular time in the future)
Future continuous (Already planned)
Future continuous (polite questions)
Future in the past (was going to)
It is believed/said that...
Speculating about the past... (May have/might have/can't have)
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