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  ''The real voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes...'' Marcel Proust.
Découvrez EP is a place where you can improve your English through listening to and reading texts in English from around the world whilst at the same time learning what is happening at EP.In the middle column you can find interesting articles dealing with global issues. See our levels Go! The right column gives you some information about EP and what is happening!  



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Découvrez English Point.




A new type of flying penquin is found! Amazing as it may seem, it's true!

Click here to see it for yourself! (Level 2.5 -Video/reading)



He's the biggest thing since, well... you decide! Watch one of his speeches after his latest victory. How much do you know about him? Click here. (Reading/VIDEO - Level 3+)



 Should Turkey allow the headscarf?

How good is your English for watching TV? Try this test! Click here!

(Video + Test Level 4)



The newest outsourcing solution is sending your children to India for day care! What!? You're joking, right!? You'll just have to click here to find out! (Reading/VIDEO - Level 3+) Go!



 It's christmas! Why not try and cook an English speciality: mince pies. What are they? Find out here! They really are fabulous! Test your cookery vocabulary too!


What do you know about Australia? 'OZ' is a popular travel destination.

Watch some videos about Sydney and test your 'aussie' language! Go! Level 2.5-3 Video/Travel

(videos courtesy of www.oztralia.tv)



 Mind the gap?  Is the huge US company exploiting Indian children?

Watch a CNN video report! Go! Level 3.5/ Video/News


What do you know about Halloween?
(You know, that holiday where everybody dresses in very strange clothes.)

What is its history and how do people celebrate in different cultures...? Go! Level 3 Reading/Traditions.


The Big English Challenge! Cliquez ici!

Testez votre niveau de 'Street English' et gagnez des leçons gratuites!


Al Gore (Remember him?) wins the Nobel Prize for Peace. Is he for real? Clever politician or world saviour? Go! (Level 3) Reading/VIDEO (CNN) News- environment


  Do you want to have a second life? What is an avatar? Go! (Level 2-2.5) Reading/Technology + Life



What will we be wearing next year? Are you grown up enough? How good is your fashion vocabulary? Go! (Level 4.5 Difficult) Reading/fashion.



Monks march in Myanmar. Go! (Level 3+) Listening/Politics


 Discoveries in Indonesia: a new species? Go! (Level 3+) Reading/Science



 Can yoga solve India's health problems?  Go! (Level 2.5+) Reading/Health.


 EP News!

The area is dedicated to telling you what is happening at EP. 

  What's going on?



Three new programmes developped!  English for sales prospecting, English for wine  tourism and 'Create your own company tour'



Why not study English in Australia??

Have you thought of studying English abroad. Use our network of schools!




 English Point in the Bien Public.

EP launches the Big English Challenge!

 Giovanna joins the team!

With her love of Italian opera, reading, the history of art, Giovanna is the genuine Italian article. Her open and vivacious style makes her the best Italian teacher in town! Contact Giovanna here for lessons!

 Would you like to learn English in Hawaii?.

EP launches it's study break programme in Bath, London, Oxford, Cambridge, New York or even Hawaii!


EP launches courses in specialised subjects such as logistics, sales, technical reading, HSE, procurement...

EP starts support for...

 Translations dept opens... Go!

...Sept 01 / 2007 - EP opens in Dijon!

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